Graphic Designer


Hi! I'm KAI•SO, aka Kai.
I do a lot of art things.


THE START OF my art journey

I remember when I became addicted to art. I was around 12 years old when I started watching art tutorials on YouTube, just for fun. I drew in lined composition books for a while with pencil and some colored pens, but I was always afraid of running out of paper or supplies and that I’d have to stop one day until I could get more. A whole new world unlocked for me when my best friend showed me his new Wacom Intuos small and how the pen pressure behaved like a regular pen in his digital drawing program. I immediately begged my mom for one, and I got one later that year. Infinite canvases, brushes, and paint colors, without having to worry about wasting supplies while learning. I began hanging around on Twitch Creative back before Twitch had an art category, where I learned a lot about digital illustration and painting from some creators who are still some of my biggest inspirations.

Now, I am addicted to not only creating art, but learning about art and art software and finding my favorite ways to combine mediums and ideas for my personal projects. My favorite mediums are digital painting, acrylic painting, and 3D modeling, but I intend to try and learn much more on my art journey.


I recently received my degree in Technical Arts and Visual Communication and gained some experience working with both print and web design. I want to continue applying my design knowledge from my degree to share my work in other art mediums that I wish to explore.

I have many directions which I want to experiment expanding my art interests. I am most interested in expanding my 3D modeling and rendering skills to create 3D illustrations, and to return to 2D digital illustration.